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The History of the "Quartier Latin"

The Latin Quarter - the area around St Michel, the Sorbonne and Boulevard St Germain - is the literary center of Paris.

The name comes from the fact that Latin was the original language used at the Sorbonne uninversity and the students would often talk in Latin around the local streets such as Rue Des Ecoles and Rue Saint Jacques.

The large number of university buildings still gives the quarter a "student" feels and the area has a bustling cafe and cinema culture. During the day, you will see many young people eating lunch in terrace cafes and in local parks such as the beautiful Jardin Du Luxembourg.

Among the sites to see in the Latin Quarter is the Pantheon. It has a special place in Parisian society because someone can only be buried there if Parliament chooses (the Pantheon has the inscription: "to great men the Nation is grateful"). Among those buried there are: Voltaire, Victor Hugo, Émile Zol and Marie Curie.

Cheap Latin Quarter Hotels

It's not hard to find bargain hotels throughout the Latin Quarter, but there are certain places you should focus on. Most of these areas are in the 5th arrondissement (the 6th offers less of a selection) and, in paricular, there are low-cost two-star hotels around Rue Monge that offer great value

Hôtel de France Quartier Latin, 108 Rue Monge, Paris 75005

Hotel Dacia-Luxembourg, 41 Boulevard Saint-Michel, 75005 Paris

Hotel des 3 Colleges, 16 rue Cujas, Paris 75005

Interesting fact: Paris is known as the city of light