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Where to stay in center of Paris

If you plan to discover Paris by foot, it's best to stay in the city center. Although the city is relatively compact for a major world capital, there are so many things to see that Paris can be quite hard on the shoe leather if you're not staying in a very central hotel.

There's a simple trick to make sure that your hotel is central (sadly, travel agents sometimes lie).

Paris is arranged into 20 districts numbered 75001 to 75002. The low numbers are in the center and the high numbers are close to the edge. So, a hotel with any of the following district codes 75001-75011 will be within Paris city center and within walkign distance of most of the really famous sites you're looking forward to seeing.

Interesting fact: Paris used to consist solely of the island in the heart of the Seine - the Ile De La Cite.

Interesting fact: The column in Place Vendome was once torn down by revolutionaries led by the painter Gustave Courbet